{amiable}Back-tulle Bow Knit Top@N°21(50%OFF SALE) and Halloween Gifts.



✿This is {amiable} new item at N°21.
It has included Fitted Mesh for Slink, Maitreya, Belleza, TMP, and Classic Avatar versions). Please try on DEMO before buying!!

✿This is also the limited Halloween Gift at the N°21.
This round almost all booth have free gifts, please feel free to grab it!!

It’s my pleasure. I hope you like it.

▶(Event Date; 21st JULY to 10th November.)





◉This is new {amiable] group gift at main store!!
I have put the new group gift for free to join!!

Please feel free to grab it. There are many gifts welcome to you!(2400member’s group gift and past gifts are still there).

{amiable} main store

New gifts shoes are non-rigged Ver(Resize Script) and Non-Script Ver.
100%Original Mesh.
I hope you like it. Thank you so much for all of your support.
I really appreciate it!!
If the number of {amiable} group member is bigger and bigger, I am going to make new gift as we<3

Happy Halloween.



There are more infos.






{amiable}Side-tulle Three-quarter Sleeves Dress@the Shiny Shabby(50%OFF SALE).



{amiable}Side-tulle Three-quarter Sleeve Dress.


Shiny Shabby is a unique vintage-themed shopping event, that brings together the most talented SL 

designers and delivers skillfully crafted 100% original mesh creations. Shiny Shabby opens on the 20th of each

 month and closes on the 15th of the following month.


✿These are new items at the Shiny Shabby!!

They are reduced by 50%OFF SALE only the event.

This is Fitted Mesh for mesh body and also classic avatar.

[Slink, Maitreya, Bellaze, TMP, Classic]

Please don’t miss it!!

[EVENT DATE: 20th of October to 15th of November].

The Shiny Shabby



[ zerkalo ]  [ Excellence ]  [ hoorenbeek ]  [ kunst ]  [sYs] Design

.Entwined.  .Shi  ^^ Swallow ^^  Apple Fall  Apt. B  Clef de Peau

Concept  DaD DESIGN  Fame Femme  Genesis Lab  Minimal

PumeC  RealEvil Industries  RK Poses  Serenity Style


♥Participating Designers:

{amiable}  !gO!    #Foxy  22769  *Cherry House*

=Zenith=    [ILAYA]  [MALO]  [Tia]  .BF.

::K::::Una::  agapee  Amacci  American Beauty  an lar poses

AR2 Style  Atelier Pepe  AvaWay  AZOURY  BAMSE

Bauhaus MovementBee DesignsBotanical  Brook Hill Living

Cammino e Vivo Capovolto  ChicChica  COCO  Dead Dollz

DeeTaleZ  Diamandis  DRD  E-Clipse Design  E.V.E

EMO-tions  Essenz  GATO  GOOSE  Insol  JAS

Kaithleen’s  kibitz  KUNGLERS  Label Motion  Legal Insanity

LODE  LOTUS.  Lybra  M.Law Designs  Meva  Modulus

Mushilu  N-Uno  opale hair  Phedora  Plastik  pr!tty

Promagic  PURPLE POSES  RAMA  Revoul

Ricielli  Sync’d Motion  The Little Branch  Valentina E.

Warm Animations  Wimey  Yasum  Your Dreams  Zibska





{amiable}Back Tulle Bow Trainer Dress.

♥This is  {amiable} new item at the Candy Fair2016.

♥It includes Slink, Maitreya, TMP, Belleza, and Classic avatar version.
Please try on DEMO before buying.
Of course, during the event, it has reduced by 50%OFF SALE!!
Please don’t miss it.

There is also Trick or Treat Gift welcome to you.
I hope you like it.
{amiable}the Candy Fair Clothing and Gift booth

◉ Candy Fair 2016 ◉ [ October 17th – October 31st.]

Next is new Gacha at the Candy Fair as well.
♥Special Price 1 PLAY is only 30L$!! Please don’t miss it.

There are more info.


{amiable}Flower Pastel Candy Party Gacha.


{amiable}Girls Night Pajama Party GACHA@ the Chapter Four.


{amiable}Girls Night Pajama Party Gacha



The Chapter Four is a monthly shopping event. Open every 4th day of the month for 2 weeks long.
 We provide four rooms with four different sale theme/system and various stores such as Gacha,
Under 100ls, Half Price, and Buy 1 for 2. What are you willing for?
There is more info.
♥These are {amiable} new gacha at the TCF October round.
There is only the one size for fitted mesh.
I have tried Classic avatar, Slink and Maitreya .
However, please try on DEMO before buying.
[Event DATE : 4th to 20th of October].
-The Chapter Four- October Round.
{amiable}   Thunk!      PurpleMoon Creations
    Bee Designs    M.Law designs    *(OO)*YUKI
   MINIMAL  Cute Poison    IDEZA   N-Uno
    ChicChica   Phedora   Kaithleen’s    SALLIE   Belle Epoque
  7Style    Le Poppycock  Jinx      #Foxy
sue cream   ***Ambrosia***    CHEZ MOI FURNITURES   SECRETS
–   plastik    EMPIRE   AZOURY    [theSkinnery]
[BREATHE]   Disorted Dreams     Wasabi Pills       Pink Acid
pr!tty   Come Soon Poses     Spell  .random.Matter.   krescendo
opale hair   Kei Spot   .HalfMagic.  [[ MASOOM ]]      DUE
L|RD Loud Rebel Design  imbue    ire’s Dollhouse
  Glam Affair   LODE     Glamrus     Jz for Men  Ricielli
 E.V.E   235 FACTORY   Promagic    [ free bird ]     Arte       [ keke ]
offbeat    Decor Junction     GATO  Kalopsia
 M o o n R a b b i t      BADa  breath   {ZOZ}   Arte     Le Forme
.::WoW Skins::.  Slipper Originals   TUKINOWAGUMA    .SALT
Little Branch   RAPTURE   SlackGirl  Merak   Luas   ZOOM