{amiable}Fur Pocket Winter Coat Gacha@the Chapter Four.


This is {amiable} new GACHA at the Chapter Four January round.
{There are 21Commons and 2RARE.}

◉Boots has rigged ver and non-rigged ver as well.
Coat and hat are included only 1 size.

RARE has “Sweater Texture Change HUD”. You can change the color from 6 kinds.

Please try on DEMO before buying!! I hope you like it.

The Chapter Four

[Event DATE : 4th to 20th of January].



{amiable}Fur Pocket Winter Coat Gacha.


{amiable}Japanese Furisode2016 with Pose Animations@N°21(50%OFF SALE).


{amiable}Furisode2016 with Pose Animations.

◉This is {amiable} new item at the N°21 December round.

These Set up dress are 50%OFF SALE at the only event.
There are Standardize (XS-S, and M-L) and Fitted Mesh.

◉Caution: This Furisode is my first time making, so it doesn’t suit your AO perfectly. Please try on DEMO.

If you wear Furisode more perfectly, please use BAG that is included in the pack.

The Bag has POSE Animations, please use it for Furisode.
This Furisode is worn with bag and pose animation!

Please check the {amiable} booth!!

▶(Event Date; 21st December to 10th January.)


{amiable}Furisode2016 with Pose Animations.