{amiable}Embroidered Pattern Boho Summer Dress@N°21 JUN(50%OFF SALE).


▶These are {amiable} new items at the N°21.

N°21 is new location.

During the event, it has been reduced by 50%OFF.
Please don’t miss it!!

(Event Date; 21st April to 10th JULY.)




{amiable}Tropical Flower summer Bikini@the Chapter Four(50%OFF SALE).


・This Bikini is {amiable} new item at TCF JUN.

・Now opened!! It opens always 4th. Please check it up!

・The Bikinis have been sold at “Half Price” ROOM!!
Please don’t miss it. After the event, the price will be normal price.

・This Bikini is separated top and bottom, so you can use top as well for your daily coordinate.

It is kind a “tube top”.

The Chapter Four

[Event DATE : 4th to 20th of JUN.]